Little Steps, Big Difference
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Going completely green can be a challenge, but little steps can make a huge difference

Plant trees as you search the net

While the likes of Google are owned by some of the richest people on the planet, Ecosia doesn't have shareholders, instead the money they generate through advertising is spent planting trees. Meaning you can help to reverse deforestation and desertification as you look up the answer to that niggling question your friend just asked you.

Money Matters!

You spend most of your life earning money, you try to live your life in the most environmentally friendly way that you can afford. Then your bank invests your money in the fossil fuel indusry. This is the problem facing most of us, thankfully there is another way. There is a small number of banks and businesses that have ethical codes meaning they wont invest your money in fossil fuels, tobacco, weapons etc. Instead they invest your money or in the case of companies like Abundance allow you to choose which energy projects you invest your money in, so you can build up a green energy portfolio.
Other banks and investment opportunities are available. Please seek financial advice before making any investments.

Look for these signs and labels

Grow a little food...

We aren't resurecting Dig For Victory, not everyone has the space to grow their own fruit and veg, although if you can that is great. Instead we suggest that you take a small space, somewhere like a windowsill or the end of a kitchen work top. It could be something as small as a small tub of cress seedlings, or a plant pot with chillis, lemons or whatever you fancy. It wont make you self sufficient, but the more we grow at home, the more countryside we can leave for nature and carbon capture.

Pass on Peated Compost

Peat isn't a miracle fertiliser, it's a growing medium, a growing medium that is a fossil fuel and a vital part of the landscape. One that like the tropical rainforests, is an internationally important store of carbon. Potentially locking it away below the surface for thousands, if not millions of years. Did you know that peat is one of the early stages in the formation of coal?

Give meat a miss once in a while

You've probably been told at some point that the easiest way to cut your carbon footprint is to reduce the amount of meat, eggs and dairy you consume. The carbon dioxide emissions from the production of a meal with meat is significantly higher than one with plant protein. Here are some links to websites with meat free meal ideas;

BBC Good Food
Meat Free Monday
Meat Free Week
Jamie Oliver

While the world needs more vegans and vegetarians, there is space for meat in a fully sustainable agricultural system. Orchards will almost certainly need animals to graze the groundflora below, to prevent other plants from competing with fruiting trees. 

Join a campaign or volunteering group

We can all say we want the Government to change their environmental policy, but what does thinking it or saying it to the people we live with really do? 
My joining a campaign group, you can join a network of like minded people, who like you want Governments, business and people to improve their environmental credentials. You learn new skills in engaging politicians, business leaders and the general public. This can drive change in people's perceptions and hopefully shift policy towards creating a cleaner and greener world, while giving you a great opportunity to make friends who care about the same things as you. There are many environmental groups out there, all have the same goal, they find their way there through different campaigning methods on differing issues. We've put together the Get Involved page as a way of helping you to find the group that best fits what you're looking for.

Show your colours

If campaigning isn't your thing, or you just don't feel like you have enough free time for it, there are other ways you can show your support. Wearing a campaign t-shirt gives you the chance to show your passion in public, makes for a great ice breaker and should help the organisation you're supporting in the bank.

Birders Against WIldlife Crime
Marine Conservation Society
Wildlife Trusts

Rapanui Clothing

Try bus, train or tram once in a while