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Sheffield Environmental​​
Working Locally for a Cleaner Greener World.
Sheffield Environmental began in early 2015 as a social media project promoting good news stories and conservation organisations in the Sheffield Area. Since then it has grown using multiple platforms of social media with this website acting as a hub linking various organisations. We have maintained our aim of promoting those who work to make Sheffield a cleaner and greener place while campaigning on various issues. Our best known campaigns are the Save Smithy Wood Litter Picks and the Sheffield Hen Harrier Day.

Look through this site to find out how you can get involved or attend local events throughout the Sheffield area. You can find local producers and take a look at various campaigns which are working towards extending Sheffield's claim to be Europe's Greenest City.

Our Main Campaigns;

Sheffield Hen Harrier Day

Sheffield Hen Harrier Day returned to Devonshire Green on Saturday 4th August 2018 as some of the biggest names in conservation came together raising awareness and calling for an end to the illegal persecution of birds of prey. 

There isn't a Hen Harrier Day event planned for Sheffield this year, instead we'll be supporting Mark Avery's Peak District event on Sunday 11th August. Details to follow.
Image; Guy Shorrock

Smithy Wood Litter Picks

Smithy Wood Action Team meet on the first Sunday of the Month (Except August. STA) to clear the roadside verges of Cowley Hill and Smithy Wood Road of litter. The aim to show that the local community are willing and able to look after Smithy Wood, a local ancient woodland in the greenbelt and a designated conservation zone. We're just waiting for the planning application to fail so we can move in and carry out the conservation work it needs.
Sheffield Environmental is strongly opposed to fracking due to the impact of the process on local climate and greenhouse gas emissions. While we do little direct campaigning in our own name, our lead campaigner is a member of Frack Free Ecclesfield & Chapeltown and can be seen at some anti fracking events with his friend 'Fracked Ali.

Not what you're looking for?

If you're looking for Sheffield Council's Environmental Services or the Sheffield Environment Weeks festival use the pictures below to get to where you're looking for. Alternatively our 'Get Involved' page is full of links to organisations we've compiled in and around Sheffield so that we can help you if you'd like to work with others to make Sheffield a Cleaner, Greener Place.


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